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    Error running automation api job type in

    Jeffrey Jordan
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      I'm using & I'm trying to run a job using a new job type for reporting that BMC provided that they said should work no issues & not have to do the node.js/java/cli install stuff shown on their BMC video channel. Their instructions worked all the way up until the running of the job & it errs w/ the following. For those that have used Application Integrator & Automation API, what might be a possible solution to the error? I've tried running it as our emuser as well as my user id (both admins) yet both get the same error. I've set up an account for both under the Appl Integrator they say to do similar to an OEBS Connection Profile w/ userid/pwd info (shown in screenshot). I'm running it from our controlm server & have tried using that as well as localhost & both again give same error. In the Execution log of the job I see where it seems to stop at the main step but only seems to refer to the prior step as being the error - REST response. See 2nd screenshot. I've not much experience using App Integrator nor REST API so not sure where to go. I can run the same report manually I'm trying to run in the job from the Reports in CM as either user & it comes out fine. It's a std job def report other than some different fields we want vs what BMC has defined, I've even tried using one of the std BMC jobs def reports & get the same issue.


      Exit Code    = 1

      Exit Message = Application Integrator CM: UCM0001 = Application Integrator CM: UCM0001 = REST request failed. status code: 400 response is: Bad Request message: Error Executing REST request to https://localhost:8443/automation-api : java.io.IOException: Server return



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          Jess Knutson

          First thought is that the last Control-M Reports job type BMC published on the AI Hub does require v9.0.19 or later.  This is because the job is using the new AAPI service "reporting status::get"  that was introduced in v9.0.19. 


          If you are using REST calls to create your reports, then it will NOT require you to have the CLI and Node.js installed on your box.  That is only required if you are wanting to run jobs that use the CLI.


          If you are using the Reports 918, I could not get this to work on a Windows Agent that the CLI could not access the local Environments when using a roaming profile.  I worked with BMC support and they opened:

          CTM-1457 - In Control-M Application Integrator, when using Run as in Windows, AI doesn't load user's roaming profile correct.


          To get around that, we just setup an OS job that has the "ctm reporting report" in the command line. 


          Then since you are in do note that the Synchronous generation of reports (reporting report::get) via REST will be deprecated in v9.0.20.  Before you get to far trying to get the REST calls to work on 9.0.18, might want to wait until you have upgraded your AAPI to v9.0.19 (or above) so that you can use the new reporting commands. 


          Hope that adds some value in helping to get this work.

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            Jeffrey Jordan

            We had a version that BMC employee wrote for us that we've been using for over a yr now - currently up to 9.019.100. I did see the new version you mention but haven't looked at it in AI yet to see if there's any gain for us. Our current version broke w/ upgrade to App pack & currently working w/ BMC to resolve.