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    SMC components event correlation

    Riccardo Merli
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      Hello members!


      Just a quick question: does anyone have a best practice to correlate service state change event of a Business Service with the events that are impacting on it? We need this information to have a primary analytic information about a Business Service issue.


      We would like to have Business_Service AND all the affected service_components ready to be exported in a file. For example: if we have a Business Service with 3 service components in critical condition, we would like to have 3 lines with the Business Service, the service component and the related info about date and time.


      Hoping to read something about the question below!





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          Anuparn Padalia

          Hi Ricardo,


          First of all, we need to understand Correlation w.r.t. TrueSight Event Management. In simple words, if you know the Cause and Effect of any Event Reported, you can correlate the scenarios in TrueSight via Event Mgmt Policies or MRLs.


          Secondly, around Business Service Impact Models, there are 3 ways you can achieve it -

          1) BMC Discovery (SAM Models) ---> CMDB (Service Models) --->TrueSight (Service Impact Models Models)

          2) Atrium CMDB (Impact Model Designer - Service Models) -->Publish in TrueSight

          3) TrueSight (SIM Models).


          When a Service Model is prepared you can actually define weightage around the components and maintain 2 Status for each of the services -

          1) Service Degraded.

          2) Service Down.


          Now the question comes "HOW TO REDUCE COUNT OF INCIDENTS IN INFRA via MONITORING SOLUTION?". BMC Service Resolution can give you multiple ways to raise incident from TrueSight into Remedy Incident Management. This can trigger One Incidents reported via Multiple Events as per Service Model configured.



          Anuparn Padalia