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    Ansible Automation is possible or not in ADDM?

    nitin khune
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      We are looking for ansible automation where we can automate the normal VM (where ansible is installed) and will execute the playbooks and other commands from that Normal Vm to all ADDM appliances where scripts or tasks need to be deployed. It will certainly save manual efforts to login each and every appliance.


      Is anyone have deployed Ansible in ADDM? if yes , are there any issues faced by them or working fine?

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          Bernard Stern


          We don't have ansible are any other config management agent on our appliances. What we have is a RPM package where I have the public certificates, some configuration items that are "not standard", e.g. allowing the addm user to log in so that addm appliances can be scanned by addm. This RPM is idempotent, it can be re-installed as many times as you want. So whenever there is a new ADDM version or a service pack, I simply re-install that RPM. This is kinda aking an ansible playbook, with the advantage that we don't need an unsupported agent.

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