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    Regarding BCM article of the parameter value of <stats-dump-period>

    Mina Horiuchi
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      Hi there,


      I have a query of below article of the parameter value of <stats-dump-period>.


      Atrium Orchestrator Tuning Parameters


      I feel like the parameter default value is mis-write.

      There is example detail for xml on this article and the value is "<stats-dump-period>300000</stats-dump-period>".


      At the same time i read the information of this parameter.


      stats-dump-period: The frequency with which health information is written to the grid.log, in seconds.    

      • Default: 300
      • Minimum safe value: 60
      • Maximum safe value: None


      On here, Default is said 300 but if 300 was default, i think the Health information log is too much. (I tested and it is too much)

      So i am wondering


      Remark: the value “300” should be rectified and should write “300000” instead. 


      Due to my customer made tuning config file by following this article, i need to figure out which value is default. (Already shared the file with BMC Support and was told no problem)

      But 300 is really ... too much. What do you think..?


      Kind Regards,