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    Can CTM API 9.0.18.x00 new capabilities be officially supported by Control-M 9.0.0x releases?

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      Hi All BMC Control-M Community members


      As Many you like myself is following Control-M Automation API fantastic evolution since its first launch and have started projects under its very first releases and at some point found some missing capabilities known as supported by Control-M but still unavailable for coding. As usual, we have had to wait for BMC releases or workaround during the Automation API evolution progress.


      As many of us developers, solution automation advisers and BMC Control-M supporters for long time, there are always great expectations to have the FULL Control-M capabilities available as coding ASAP even though it will cost us creating change tickets, await maintenance windows, approvals and finally perform upgrade to ours environment in order to exploit the newest API capabilities. Does this feeling and the need for upgrade also happen to your environment?


      What happens to Customers and Control-M users that did not have already upgrade theirs environments? Can they deal with the lack of funcionallity?


      My first discussion point is the "hypothetical" BMC announcement for a new Technical Bulletin : "Control-M Automation API 9.0.18.x00 new capabilities GA is officially supported by previous Control-M 9.0.0x releases"


      1) How many of you had the appropriate time or even ran under pressure to plan and perform environment upgrade to Control-M 9.0.18.x00 release and apply each new FIX PACK in order to attend a project demand that requires new released CONTROL-M API capability to integrate your business?


      The reflection point is:

      a) Would it be useful to your company to have the latest set of Control-M Automation API coding features available to your Control-M 9.0.0x as a distintc fix pack?


      NOTE: For the sake of curiosity, I have already tested the latest Control-M API 9.0.18.x00 over Control-M 9.0.0x lab under environment. IT DOES WORK.


      I Hope BMC realizes this huge Control-M API need for its Customers, and start offering this flexibility to have Control-M API installation and upgrades disjointed from the core installation and make it public and supported older versions. Do you also Agree?


      I Hope you like the discussion and share your thoughts and environments needs


      My Best Regards


      Adriano Gomes


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