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    No log for few minutes on the grid-log.

    Mina Horiuchi
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      Hi there,


      I am troubleshooting from the grid log and i realized i can not find log for few min. i was wondering if the environment was restarted but i don't think so because using this key word "[Grid=management] starting..." i tried to find out but it was not hit.


      On the grid, there is a lot of workflow is working also, "tuning-config.xml" of this environment is set 300 for <stats-dump-period> therefore I see huge HEALTH-STAT logs.

      (The example xml on BMC document is written 300000 for this value. but as a explanation of this parameter, it say 300 is Default value. if 300, i think it is too much health stat log..)


      Have anyone faced this situation ?



      Kind Regards,