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    Difference between Date/Time in Work Detail Table and the WOI:WorkInfo

    Hellyson Lima
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      Hello members,


      I saw differences in the Create Date column in the Work Order Work Detail and the date in WOI:WorkInfo form:


      Work Order:

      Work Info with 1 hour more

      I confirmed this information in the database:


      And checked the information in the AR Utilitities:

      01:08:33 in Brazil is 13:08:33


      I checked the sessiontimezone in database too:


      And in the so:


      My users does not have timezone definition in user preference forms.


      I saw here, in comunities and saw the article, and I beleive that is the same error

      Timezone Difference in Date/Time fields in Work Detail & Date/System Tabs


      Anybody could help me?