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    SMAC 2019 - Will it or will it not happen?

    Leonard Warren
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      It is nearing the middle of December 2018 and SMAC 2019 should be on the minds of those who want to attend, help, or just want to know if it is going to happen.


      I have been participated in the five World Wide Remedy User Group Conferences (2009 to 2013); T3-SMAC (2017); and last year's SMAC (2018) events to ensure education and training were the key features of the events and to ensure every participate got to see the latest products from BMC and the sponsoring vendors.  However, going into SMAC 2019, there needs to be a high energy of support and attendance if SMAC and any other yearly conference is to go forward.


      A few weeks ago, the current SMAC Board of Directors informed BMC Software of its "rough" plans to bring in SMAC 2019. However, the Board of Directors is at a crossroads with the conference as we are in need of your help.  We need the voice of the BMC Community to let us know if you would:


      1. Support a SMAC 2019 Conference?


      2. If yes to question 1, would like to attend an Educational and Vendor Showcase laced event in late September or early October 2019?


      3. If yes to question 1, would be willing to attend if it is in Houston, Texas; Tampa, Florida; Denver, Colorado; Baltimore, Maryland; San Jose, California; or somewhere else other than Las Vegas?


      4. If yes to question 1, would be willing to attend if it was in coordination with one of BMC's Exchange or other Event?


      5. If yes to question 1, help to get the word out to as many BMC Product contacts as possible to ensure a higher attendance of a very worthy conference?


      SMAC 2018 was small in size but big in education, product demonstration, networking, communicating, and having some fun. Even Doug Mueller got involved by having three breakout sessions of his own.  However SMAC 2019 may not get off the ground if we do not get the community involved.


      If interested, please send your comments and desired topics to me at rmisolutions@verizon.net so I can gather up the information over the next couple of weeks and a final decision about moving forward with SMAC 2019 is in the interest of the community or should be left to the BMC Exchanges and local Remedy User Groups (RUGs).




      Lenny Warren

      President, RMI Solutions LLC and Member of 2018 SMAC Board

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