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    TPL - discovery.listDirectory error

    Alex Gravel



      I am having issue with with this function discovery.listDirectory.


      My pattern triggers on a SI.

      Then I get my host using this command :

           host := related.host(node);


      I validated the host info and the path when i Run the pattern on my node.

      I aslo made sure my discovery user as access for listing the directory.


      this is how I use the command :

      commandResult := discovery.listDirectory(host, path);


      When I log this var it as value : "None"


      Also can't loop through it, I get this message :

      RuleError on rule tpl_build_SI_MuleSoft_API_body_1 due to: Error while executing a rule -- TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable


      When I scan the device I get an error on getDisteryListing, in the Additionnal Discovery Discovery section of the discovery Access

      Failure Reason : No External Requests Allowed


      Any tips or addittional places I should lookup to make this work?