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    ADDM to CMDB mapping

    Suraj Nair

      Hi everyone,


      We have ADDM 11.3 on our environment.

      We are doing some mapping of value from ADDM i.e we have created the customized Pattern Module(CMDB.Extension.ComputerSystem_Augment) in ADDM which will allow us to send value/fields of server into CMDB specific tabs.

      Below are some fields in CMDB to which we have to send the data from ADDM.

      I have mention the value for OS and IsVirtual for your reference, that is the correct value which are getting into CMDB through ADDM


        computersystem.OperatingSystem:= os_name;

        computersystem.DB_ID:= ?

        computersystem.DBVersion:= ?

        computersystem.DBProductionName:= ?


        computersystem.StorageUtilized_inGB:= ?


        computersystem.Cluster:= ?

        computersystem.SID:= ?

        computersystem.IPAddress1:= ?

        computersystem.IPAddress2:= ?


      I need the exact value according to name define on left hand side from ADDM, as i have got 2 name(i.e os_name and cdm_virtual)


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          Brian Morris

          What you want to do is have the Database name (not the label) of the field in the CMDB and then map some value from the object in Discovery that you're trying to send over.  The Taxonomy defines what these fields and objects are called.


          To find this, in your appliance, go to Administration -> View Taxonomy


          Then search for the thing you're trying to synchronize. You may need to write a couple of sync patterns or use traversals since you're trying to access values from a few different object types in BMC Discovery. There are example patterns here https://communities.bmc.com/community/bmcdn/discovery/pages/patterns


          Lisa Keeler and Eric Plunk have written some nice samples with great explainations.

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            Andrew Waters

            Starting from the taxonomy is the wrong place.


            What are you trying to represent? For example the current mappings use BMC_IPEndpoint to represent IP addresses. If you really want to add IPAddress to BMC_ComputerSystem how are you going to pick which IPs if there are more than two?

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