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    Looking for the best way to install BEM cells across a Linux enterprise...

    Garland Smith

      Hello, We will be installing cells on a number of Red Hat Linux servers.  We’re looking for the best way to automate that (clone existing cell .vs. using silent instal image.  I have heard that if you have a cell installed on one Linux system, you can tar it up and untar on another Linux system in order to facilitate cell installation on multiple Linux systems.  Does anyone know if this is feasible.  If so, is there any BMC documentation that discusses this?  If no BMC documentation exists, does anyone have details about whether this is possible and if so, how to go about it? There are a number of benefits to cloning a working cell: 1.  You can build a common cell configuration, clone it, and drop it in place. 2.  You're working with standard Unix commands (copy and untar tar file, etc... Thank you, Garland Smith