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    Incident Templates by Company?

    Steve O'Leary

      Is there any way to restrict the list of Templates that appear for a specific Company? For example, if I have a company called Acme, I would only want to see the Incident templates related to that Company. I know I can manually filter the template results, but is there any way to restrict the list that appears depending on the Company selected on the Incident?

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          T. D.

          The templates that appear to the user are based off of the authoring group.


          For example, the template 'Reset Password' has the authoring group of Service Desk - this means only people who belong to the Service Desk group will see that template.


          You can also click on the Authored For Groups tab and click on Update. From here you can select the company that you want the templates to be visible to. You can choose just Company or Company and Organization or Company, Organization and Group.


          Hope this helps.

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            Steve O'Leary

            Yeah, not really what I need. Only one group has the right to create and modify Templates, so that group is always the "Authoring" group. On Change Templates, you have the capability of specifying a Company, but not on Incidents.


            I'm just going to customize a proper solution for this. Easiest way to do it. Frankly, there should be a configuration option that, per Group, you can enforce template selection upon, in this case, Incident creation. So, if a specific Help Desk group for a specific Company tries to create an Incident, rules enforce the selection of a Template before they can enter in any other information.