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    Need to get the report for Absolute Instance thresholds details for all servers

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      Hi Team,


      We have requirement for get the all servers Absolute Instance thresholds for one customer. Is it possible to get the report from BPPM.


      Actually we are using Absolute Global thresholds and Absolute Instance thresholds for alert creation. So as per our BPPM setup the Absolute Global thresholds are set as fixed(as default) for all customers(like one time job for our environment). So if any customer wants to change any utilization or available space thresholds we are update Global Instance thresholds as per customer requirement.


      So here, customer wants to report for which servers have Global Instances thresholds update and what that values?


      So this is the requirement. I am checking manual, but it is so hard. Could you please tell me if we have any option to get that report customer wise from BPPM. We have maintained each customer have separate group in BPPM admin console. So please let me know the step by step process ASAP.