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    BMC Helix Business Workflows 18.11 is Now Available

    John Weigand
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      BMC Software announces the 18.11 release of the BMC Helix Business Workflows product. BMC Helix Business Workflows is a modern case management solution that extends services for lines of business — including HR, facilities, and other groups — in a scalable, managed, and automated way.


      BMC Helix Business Workflows version 18.11 highlights


      • Flexibility to create and share common configurations across companies
        Define configurations at a global level eliminating the need to replicate them for each company.
      • Assign cases to a support group that is directly related to a Business Unit or Department
        Relate support group to Business Units or Departments so that cases or tasks can be assigned to users or support groups belonging to a specific business unit or department. When assigning a case or task, a case agent can easily find a support group or user by selecting a Business Unit or Department in addition to the Company.
      • Consolidated view of all case and related task attachments
        Case agents can sort, search, and download attachments from a consolidated view of all attachments belonging to a case and task, saving them the time required to find attachments in different sections of a case.
      • Create and sync tasks with external applications
        When integrating with external applications using the BMC Helix Business Workflows connector and BMC Helix Integration Service, a Case Business Analyst can now define flows that create and update tasks. Task updates can be synced between BMC Helix Business Workflows and external applications ensuring both applications have the latest updates on the case or tasks.


      BMC Helix Integration Service highlights


      • Introducing tenant-level flows
        BMC Helix Integration Studio tenant administrators can now convert their personal flows into tenant-level flows so that they can be available to multiple administrators of a single tenant. Managing flows at a tenant level helps avoid creation of conflicting flows.
      • Support for a string array data type
        In BMC Helix Connector Designer, connector developers can use a string array data type for a connector’s configuration fields, trigger input and output fields, and action input and output fields. In BMC Helix Integration Studio, an administrator can populate corresponding fields using string array data.
      • Error message improvements
        Error messages have been improved to enable the Administrator to troubleshoot and resolve issues more efficiently.
      • Labels for source and target variables
        While mapping fields, you can distinguish the origin of a variable by using a Source or a Target label. This can be particularly helpful if the source and target systems have variables with the same name (for example name and name).


      Getting version 18.11 of BMC Helix Business Workflows

      After purchasing BMC Helix Business Workflows, it will be provisioned to customers by BMC.


      Learning more about version 18.11 of BMC Helix Business Workflows

      For detailed information about the enhancements in this release, see 18.11 enhancements. For the list of issues that have been corrected, see Known and corrected issues.