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    Scheduled Reports Stopped Working

    Stuart Corey



      After having an issue with our Tomcat Server some of our Scheduled Reports have stopped working. I have recently taken over as the Administrator for Footprints and I have noticed something peculiar.


      The Daily report we have running has nothing selected but keeps showing Java issues and will not run. I have looked everywhere for the report in Footprints and I have not seen a report created for tickets created from 5:30pm to 7am.

      Daily Report.jpg


      However here is our weekend report that is the same pull still working...



      Just in case there was any confusion here shows that one did not run and the other did.



      Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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          Jesse Richardson

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            Nicolas Roome

            Hi Stuart, this sounds like it could be somewhat complex. Have you raised the issue with your support provider? Do you see any relevant details in the footprints log file? the error you posted in your first screenshot doesn't have much to go on.

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              Stuart Corey



              After looking into the issue I am not sure how and or why, but the actual searches that should have been created are not there. I had to rebuild the searches and the reports from the ground up last night. Took me a bit to figure it out, however after the first attempt at getting these reports to run I had to tweak the criteria and time they pulled. I honestly have no idea how the search was set up before I took over, however it looks as if the person who created them didn't have any searches for the reports to pull from OR somehow those searches got deleted in an update.... Which wouldn't make sense since we just updated the Tomcat Server and not Footprints. Either way I rebuilt them from the ground up and they seem to be working this morning.