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    Atrium Spoon transformation/job for update of incidents

    Igor Svetek
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      I need to update a few hundred incidents (one-time action) with status changes. The list of incidents is given inside an Excel spreadsheet. I have created a transformation that has two steps (import of excel and export to AR form) and a job with also two steps (start and previous transformation), but whichever one I run, I do not get updated tickets.


      My questions are:

      1. Should I use AR Output or AR Upsert step inside transformation?

      2. Should I target >>HPD:Help Desk<< or >>HPD:IncidentIterface<< form?

      3. If I should target HPD:IncidentInterface form since there are already records with these incident numbers, should I update them with setting z1D_Action field to MODIFY or should I create a new record?


      AR Server version: 9.1.04