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    Email notifications, duplicate tickets, best practice?

    Nick Milot

      I recently took over the management of our Track-It 11.4 server and I'm looking for guidance on best practices regarding emailed tickets.  The way it is currently set up results in way too many duplicate tickets.


      The server is set up so that you can email support@mycompany.com in order to open a new ticket.  When this is done, my group gets assigned the ticket and is notified via email by the track-it server.   Also, the requester receives a notification from the track-it server notifying them that a ticket has been opened.  This reply comes from that same "support@mycompany.com" address.  I think this is a problem because here is what I'm seeing: 

      1) If support@mycompany.com is copied on an email and then five people reply to all on that trail a new ticket is created for every reply.  We now have five extra tickets in the system.

      2) If someone responds a couple of days later to their new ticket notification, this also generates a new ticket.  I'm thinking this could be resolved by changing the address that notifications come from to something other than support@mycompany.com.   I just need to make sure that my group receives these request for update inquiries.


      I'm curious what everyone else is doing out there.  I'm looking to make a bunch of changes come the first of the new year.  Do you send notifications from some sort of "noreply@mycompany.com" address?


      Thanks in advance!