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    Replacement of Oracle Java with OpenJDK on windows environment?

    Mohammad Rehman
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      Honorable Experts,


      We have been tasked to replace Oracle Java with OpenJDK, We have done this on Linux environment and Remedy AR Server works but windows environment BMC Remedy clients unable to start with Ver 11.0.1 OpenJDK: Download and install .  I have only found BMC has this KA Remedy - ITSM/Server- How do  Oracle Licensing Changes Affect BMC Products using Java 8? .  I have looked at the ver 8 but not intended to install because of the release date JDK 8  which is 03/2014 and my security team will grind us.

      Created ticket with BMC support and response "we officially don't support" it should work.


      How other customer dealing with this delima? Please share your experience and how your organization dealing with it especially Federal Govt clients.