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    Automated round robin staff assignment

    Nikhil Deshpande
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      Assignment rules can be set up to assign incidents to staff automatically. What limitations do you face with the current design of this feature? How does it impact your business process?

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          kedar zavar

          I am glad we are discussing this. Some of the concerns


          1. The delay in assignments ( compare with custom workflow) it take on an average 10 seconds or more. Workflow filed updates are quick.


          2. Lot of companies have triage queues or unassigned queue so 1st queue should not always right bucket. Give option to continue round robin when queue is changed 1 st time or say 2nd time


          Example all tickets go to service desk

          Some one dispatched them to right queue baes on issue type ( reading description, prioritizing etc)

          So it gets assigned to right queue say database or networking now this round robin does not work. It should work or admin should have an option up to 3 levels


          3. Out of office staff. There is no way to flag out of office staff. Admins have to literally need to remove them from schedule.

          If staff is out of office for that day ( we can check the flag on user table) it should skip them assign to next available


          4. Indicators or icons that issue would be assigned by round robin ( we just keep waiting) also sometime if validations rules conflict there is no error or just does not assign.

          May be something like SLA progress


          5. Ability to manage round robin schedule for non admins - a simple page or table like change Schedule calendar which is visible or accessible for teams to see and if needed to mange.



          There are few ideas as well.


          Happy  to discuss over the call if needed.



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            Paul Donders

            Our main concern, and the reason why we never use this current functionality is the delay. As the current setup is using @future methods it even can take up to 15 min for assignment for routing.


            We use currently our own setup, so our main point to solve is that it should be real time as kedar zavar mentioned already.

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              AnneMarie Goyvaerts

              We recently re-evaluated and abandoned the round-robin (RR) assignment option

              Main reasons were

              1. absence of out-of-office validation: although a staff member can mark himself 'out-of-office', the flag is ignored in RR
                   related: we observed that the OoO alert only shows when a staff member is search for in a queue and again, ignored when typing the name (with auto-fill option ) in the staff-member field.  Since this has become a standard practice, the OoO option has become useless all together

              2. the manual assignments that are done via the dispatchers are ignored: timer to assign tickets via RR only considers the ones assigned via RR iso the last assignment => it would only work if all tickets assigned to an individual, would be taken into account.

              3. Limited number of criteria to decide on assignment vs the current queue assignment : we managed to reduce the number of queues by scoping via service & category but since these criteria are ignored for RR - we would have to introduce additional queues again


              During our tests, we did not observe that assignment time lasted longer than with the current auto-assignments to queues we currently have.  Tests were only very limited and for a single queue but if that would be the case- as stated by Kedar & Paul - it would also be a blocker.

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