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    Probable root cause analysis

    Jamil Hussain

      here is challenge for everyone!


      we have a application setup that is being monitored by apps visibility we have synthetic playback against that application, now this is a website that is run under Apache Tom cat, which is the webserver, now when i shutdown the website by stopping the windows service on the server that patrolagent sends an alert and i see that in TSPS, great !!! at the same time i get an alert from synthethic monitoring to say that the playback is failing, lovely two events!!


      so then i click on the probable root cause analysis on the event that is the synthetic event, i would expect it to say that the windows service is down? its not rocket science, thats the whole point of AIOps and machine learning, etc, however i am told that there is no probable root cause analysis events...


      this thing i am expecting i just expect it to work however i am being told you have to create CI's and services which i have done btw! but still the Probable root cause doesnt work, now out of design I just expect this to work as humans we know the TOM cat serivice is a web server and its down! and we know the syntethic monitoring playback against the same host is not working why cant the technology just work that out two bits of information??


      help please!