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    Importing CIs using DMT

    Loaone Seleka

      Good Day,


      I am trying to open the CI-CMDB Transformation on my Atrium Spoon client and i am getting the below error.



      I have tried accessing the directory <Atrium Client Installed folder>\diserver\data-integration\plugins\steps but i do not have the steps folder.


      May you please let me know what have i missed.




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          If you look in a folder such as
          \Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\diserver\data-integration\plugins

          you should find subfolders called CMDBInPut, CMDBLookUp and CMDBOutPut

          If they are not there, then you are probably on a client machine different from the application server where AR Server and CMDB are installed.

          This might be if you just installed the spoon client without also installing the BMC Atrium Integrator Client


          Look on bmc.com/support under


          BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


          in product downloads (EPD)