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    need old alerts

    sai srikanth guntur
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      I am looking for all the control-m job alerts for the last 1 year.

      Could you please help me.



      Sai Srikanth

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          Ilyas Shaikh

          I guess you can get the details if you have retained audit information of an year.

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            Hi sai srikanth guntur !


            you can run the ctmutil called ctmlog by providing the time frame range and MSGID 5201, or with you are SQL skilled, by running a SQL query statement against  CTMS DB as ctm administrator user.


            It is not common to hold CTMLOG for long period of time with in CTMS DB, but for sure you might have old backups that can be reloaded on DEV env for this pupose.


            ctmlog listmsg 5201 20180101 0001 20181231 2359


            --this is for CTMS pgsql DB on Linux:


            login ctms administrator user and perform the following command:


            psql -c "select * from CMR_IOALOG where MSGID='5201' and logdate between '20180101' and '20181231' and logtime between '000001' and '235959'"


            here, you can taylor with more flexibility you ranges and column names.


            My Best Rgds


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