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    TrackitAudit.id location and current purpose post 10.5

    Trevar Pearce

      Hi there,


      We've noticed that if we run Audit.exe or TIAgentAudit.exe with elevated privileges, it creates the TrackitAudit.id file at the root of C:\. If we run either .exe as a standard user, TrackitAudit.id is created/recreated in C:\ProgramData. Since we run TIAgentAudit.exe in a logon script and our users don't have elevated privileges, the file generally goes in C:\ProgramData.


      I've read discussions about the fact that TrackitAudit.id is no longer (since 10.5) used to match computers to records in the Inventory, though we have seen a couple of instances where duplicate records have been created in the Inventory (that was a while ago, either on 11.2 or 11.4, and we don't have records of why it may have happened). So a couple of questions:


      1. If TrackitAudit.id is no longer used to match computers to records in the Inventory, what is its current purpose?

      2. If TrackitAudit.id is created in C:\ProgramData, is it also looked for in that location? I.E. is any functionality compromised by TrackitAudit.id being in C:\ProgramData rather than the root of C:\? The reason I ask this is because running a logon script with elevated privileges isn't as easy these days as it once was (can't store administrative credentials in a GPO).