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    Custom Software Instance based on share drive?

    Jerel Tompkins

      Ok so I believe the answer to the question is no ....however my current CMDB team assumes that my answer is a good guess at best so I pose this question to the wonderful world of communities.


      We are building an Application Model, and we have our Application Servers, our Database Cluster and Several Content Servers. The problem is their is no "software" that is common to the Content Servers. So I was asked to create a software instance off the presence of a Discovered share drive which only these Content Servers use.


      Is this possible?


      One thing that these Content Servers have in Common, is they are configured by the LANDesk Agent to use the File Share that they are using. I proposed we use this (LANDesk Agent on host###)  to filter down using CAM, however because we have over 3500 Machines with this agent and 115 of them using the file share they believe the filtering process would be to tedious.

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          Brian Morris

          Have you checked the running processes and process lists for the content servers?  Perhaps there's a process you can map for your SoftwareInstance.


          If not, then maybe use the LANDesk agent software as your trigger and then qualify it to only those systems that are both running the LANDesk agent AND have a discovered file system matching the criteria of your shared drive.


          I wouldn't recommend creating a custom SI based off of a share.

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