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    Error "failed getting the version of controlm server" when runningCLI command  "ctm build"

    Alex Rodrigues
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      I am following the CLI tutorials at Tutorials - Documentation for Control-M Automation API - BMC Documentation and have set up a Control M/EM server in a Windows 2012 R2 server in VirtualBox to connect to.


      I already successfully completed all the steps on the "Tutorials - Setting up the prerequisites" page. When running "ctm build" (Step 2 - Verify the code for Control-M) as part of creating my first job flow, I encounter the following error:


      D:\ControlM\automation-api-quickstart\101-create-first-job-flow>ctm build AutomationAPISampleFlow.json


           "errors": [


                "message": "failed getting the version of controlm server",

                "file": "AutomationAPISampleFlow.json",

                "line": 30,

                "col": 25





      I already modified the values for the following variables:

      • RunAs
      • Host
      • FilePath
      • FileName


      What could the problem be?