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    Repository Install Error

    Mina Horiuchi
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      Hi There,


      I installed RSSO(Ver18.08) as a External RSSO on the windows2016 server.

      Now i am trying to install REPO using TSO 8.1 patch1 installer on the different windows2016 server.

      However i face to below error..




         Invalid connection

         The server (http://baorsso.niscom.co.jp:8080/rsso/admin/#/) cannot be contacted (RSSO LoginRequestFailed http://baorsso.niscom.co.jp:8080/rsso/admin//rsso/api/v1.1/admin/login Admin http://baorsso.niscom.co.jp:8080/rsso/admin//rsso/api/v1.1/admin/login). It must be running during this installation.

         Invalid Realm

         The Realm (*) cannot be found (RSSO session required).

         Invalid user

         The user (aoadmin) cannot be found (RSSO session required).

         Invalid role

         The role (AoAdmin) cannot be found (RSSO session required).

         Invalid role assignment

         The user (aoadmin) is not assigned to role (AoAdmin) (RSSO session required).




      Before this error, i set below value

      Remedy SSO URL :  http://baorsso.niscom.co.jp:8080/rsso/admin/#/

      Admin Password : RSSO#Admin#





      Does anyone know why? or where should i check ?



      Kind Regards,