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    We want to start, but our Smart Reporting is very slow

    Stefan Hall
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      Hi Experts,

      currently we have no live experience with Smart Reporting and have obviously made a mistake in our pre-tests. We have tested the OOb reports and dashboards only with AR admin rights. The performance was not great, but ok. Luckily today we tested again with a normal user and it is incredibly slow. Especially the OOB Incident Dashboards, loading some dashlets won't finish are not loaded at all.


      I hope you have a spontaneous idea? Do you cache the views and/or reports for the above mentioned OOb Incident Dashboard? What about the RLS setting?


      We use a dedicated AR Reporting Server with 4CPU and 16GB as well as a dedicated SmartReporting server with 4 cpu and 12GB. The configuration follows the recommendation of the BMC performance team for a small environment - Tomcat currently uses 6GB and we test with one user. Sure small enough


      Thanks in advance