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    Installing j2ep under IIS/Tomcat to circumvent CORS problem against REST

    Misi Mladoniczky



      I am trying to install the j2ep proxy on Mid-Tier to get around the CORS problems and allow me to access the Remedy REST API from Mid-Tier.


      The instructions here seems straight forward, but as it seems does not take into account the situation where you installed Tomcat underneath IIS. Or so I think.



      I found the "Jakarta Isapi Redirector/Conf/uriworkermap.properties" file with a reference to /arsys and tried to add /j2ep as well, but without success:




      So can anyone try to direct me on what I need to do here?


      Can I apply a different strategy when I am doing this together with IIS?


      It is the end customer that forced to use their standard Mid-Tier installation which has IIS in front.


      Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se