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    Regarding RSSO installation

    Mina Horiuchi
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      Hi There,


      I am trying to fresh install TSO8.1(patch1) with External RSSO18.08.


      So i have 3 environments now. One for CDP , One for REPO, One for RSSO.


      First, for install RSSO i installed JAVA and Tomcat over version7 and RSSO install was successfully

      but i did not see any page that i set Port for RSSO and FQDN therefore, i can not open RSSO login page.



      Anyway, after that i start install REPO. But on the installation, i need to set Remedy SSO URL and i can not write it due to i do not know the port number for RSSO.


      Please tell me if RSSO have default Port Number.. ? or am i misunderstanding the structure ?


      Kind Regards,