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    Can Agents operate in the context of a Windows user? + more

    Thomas Taylor
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      Hello all.


      At this moment, we're currently evaluating Control-M and have some brief questions that we'd like to know specifics on.


      Our environment: File stores containing data for jobs are protected by Windows ACLs.


      Q1: Can agents run in the context of a Windows User? I saw an option for "Run As" on agents, butcan an agent switch owners multiple times.. and can they be windows users? I.e-- Windows impersonation?


      Q2: Can jobs be placed on a per-CPU basis without respect to any resource-based constraints-- ie not requiring users to specify # of CPUs or memory


      Q3: Can job execution machines be near user storage?


      Q4: Can job graphs be acyclic, meaning all automated plans will present a graph of jobs?


      Q5: Can jobs execute NT Batch files / Windows executables?


      Also, in our environment, our end users can write a small C# script that will execute and pull many agents (automatically) for one job-- essentially calling tens of hundreds of jobs if needed... can this be duplicated in a BMC Control-M environment.


      If you don't know the answer to all that's completely fine, we'd appreciate any response back.