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    Web UI and REST API for the PATROL Agent: Monitoring Studio X beta is available now

    Bertrand Martin
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      We promised it a few months ago: the beta version of Monitoring Studio X is now available!


      Info, download, documentation, video: Monitoring Studio X | Sentry Software


      Nathalie Leboul already shared the information on Sentry's space on BMC Communities: Monitoring Studio X Beta Version is Available!


      This new version brings a small HTTP server to the PATROL Agent:

      • to interact and troubleshoot the PATROL Agent through a nice Web UI (are my parameters actually collected? are the events triggered? is the policy applied? etc.)
      • to configure Monitoring Studio through a nice Web UI
      • to interact with the PATROL Agent programmatically through a fully documented REST API: Swagger UI (yeah, with examples too)


      The result, trust me, is already awesome! (I mean: as a developer of the solution, I've used it a lot already, and it really changes the way you deal with the PATROL Agent)


      Now, we need the feedback of the TrueSight administrators out there! What would you like to see in the product? What is missing? What can be improved?


      Thank y'all! :-)

      -- Bertrand