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    Which version of RSSO for fresh install TSO8.1?

    Mina Horiuchi
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      Hi there,

      i am going to get TSO8.1 with External RSSO. ( Fresh install)


      I do not know which version of RSSO should i install.






      I have read this documentation and i feel 9.1 is for the user that already have RSSO and trying to upgrade.

      8.1.00 enhancements - Documentation for TrueSight Orchestration Platform 8.1 - BMC Documentation


      So i have to chose 18.0x ?


      Also i see there is Patch 1 for  TSO 8.1 . so i should use Patch 1 installer for install TSO 8.1?


      Please let me know if someone knows about it.


      Kind Regards,