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    How can we paste a picture in the note editor?  And Note Editor window size.....

    Micky Witztum
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      I see that you can "upload" a picture into a ticket now... by clicking on the picture toolbar icon.  Is there any way to simply paste a picture into the text and then resize it using the familiar click and drag the corner of a picture....the way most modern rich test editors normally work? 


      NOTE:  As I write this posting.. I just pasted a picture into this note.... so what I am asking is implemented on this very discussion site!!! 


      Also.. the ticket Note Window is WAY too small if you need to do some detailed note entry and insert pictures, etc.  For example see below.   The picture I inserted was too big for the window, so I had to right click the picture and then edit the pixel count to size it down... just to fit it into the window.  Why is the Note editor window not able to be expanded???  The picture below shows the editor as compared to my full screen expanded browser window...and it is tiny! 


      Is there at least way to set the editor window's size to a larger size, even if it can't be changed in the interface?  Maybe via a config file setting on the server?