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    Track-It! 2018 Client Management server Settings Fail

    James Wild


      We have just installed Track-It! 2018, having decided to run with a new database rather than migrate our V11 database. Fresh start and all that.

      Everything is looking good so far, with the exception of Asset Management BMC Client Configuration Settings.

      The database settings are fine and connect successfully. However the server settings fail. Which is weird because it's all on the same server.

      I downloaded the install file TrackItSetup_20.18.02.130.exe from our customer portal, and during install, entered the Track-it! license and the client management license when prompted for them.

      Install procedure went well, and can log in to the Track-it! admin console ok. Have imported technicians and requestors from AD ok.

      But under Client Management Configuration, things aren't going to plan.

      Here are the settings, which were in by default.


      Client Management config.JPG

      The database connects ok.

      But server settings, when I test the connection I get the following error.

      client management error.JPG


      Can anyone tell me where I have gone wrong?

      Also, can anyone verify what the server setting username and password should be, as I don't recognise the user "Track-It!" and therefore cannot confirm the password it is using. Where did that info come from?

      I have tried the track-it! administrator username and password here but they return the exact same error.


      any help would be much appreciated.





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          James Wild

          Ended up raising a case with BMC for this one.

          Turns out that the Client Management engine isn't installed when Track-It! gets installed, despite making sure the Box is ticked.


          It turns out you have to manually install it, which I could not find anywhere in the installation instructions.


          You need to manually run an msi in the "C:\\Program Files(86)\Track-It! setup\BCM\Master_Win64" Folder and is called "Numara-footprints-asset-core-master.msi)

          This will install the Client Management server and configure Port 1611 etc that are refered to in Track-It!'s Clent management server settings.


          You have to watch out for the BCM database name as it installs as "bcmdb" but Track-It! defaults to TI_BCM as the database name for client management so you have to change it to bcmdb.

          There is no reference to the password anywhere.

          However, I just went in to the sql server, found the database login "bcmuser" that has now been created, and manually changed the password to what I wanted, and then put that password in to the BCM database settings in Track-It!


          the database settings now connect ok to the newly installed BCM database (before they were wrongly going to the Track-It! database)


          The Server settings still fail, so you have to open an elevated  Command Prompt and go to "C:\\Program Files(86)\BMC\Track-It!\Tools and run "Bcm0obxmlimport.exe" with the name of your Track-It! server and the port 1611  (eg Bcm0obxmlimport.exe <server name> 1611 )

          this should now successfully import the BCm server settings.


          Go back to Track-It! config console and test the server settings (Server name, HTTP Port 1611, username Track-It!, the password is actually Bcmuser@06 which took A lot of hunting and Googling to find)


          these settings should now work. Remember to click Save at the top of the screen.


          asset management should now be good to go


          Hope this helps if you have the same issue.

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            Cris Coffey

            When you check the box to install Client Management, it is installed by default. If yours was not installed, something did not work properly during the installation.

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              James Wild

              Indeed. We did a total of 10 attempts at the install and Client management didn't get installed during any of them.

              the BMC support guy who did a remote session in to the server also made 2 attempts at the install and Client management did not get installed. The only way we got it up an running was by manually installing as described above.

              No explanation as to why It didn't install though...

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                Cris Coffey

                Something about our installation just didn’t work properly in your environment but it sounds like you are ok now. I was just clarifying for anyone that might be reading this post that it is not the way the installation is supposed to work. BCM is supposed to install automatically if you check that box, unless something goes wrong. We have had thousands of installs where this worked successfully so this is pretty rare.

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                  Igor Mihevc

                  I have the same problem (among the other issues), sometimes Client Management installs fine, and import BCM data works, but sometimes it just fails.

                  I made a numerous reinstallation because I have problem with inserting technician or requestor (if inserting technician works, requestor won't, and vice versa). Support still has no idea what is going on.

                  It seems to me that the lastest version have some weird issues.

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