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    Track-It 2018 - Change Management

    Matt Hackbart

      In Track-It 11.4 we have the ability to use a more granular criteria to trigger a change policy. In fact we use a category called 'Change Management' as the final criteria for any software patches/updates that require the approval process that change management delivers. For example, if Jim from Accounting in Chicago emails the help desk about an update to his accounting software, a technician would change that category on the ticket to 'Change Management' which would trigger the policy.



      In 2018, I understand that Type, Subtype, and Category fields in version 11.4 are migrated as Categories. That hierarchy still exists under Categories however, there no way to select the certain level of heirachy (Parent Category, Subcategory, Sub-SubCategory) as the ticket criteria to trigger a change policy.


      Do I need to add custom fields or should we be tackling Change Management in Track-It 2018 from a different angle?


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          Cris Coffey

          Typically in 11.4 or 2018, certain types of tickets automatically trigger change control without the interaction of a Technician. If you want your Technician to be the one to trigger the change request, they could simply create the Change Request from the green Add New button at the top, then select that change request from within the existing ticket without changing the category.

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            Matt Hackbart

            Thanks, but that appears to involve more steps (time) than it did in 11.4....possible, but a step back.


            Is there a way to trigger a change policy when a ticket is created with criteria only when Jim emails about a software update to his accounting software?

            I don't want a change policy when Jim emails about an error with his accounting software.

            (Requestor= Jim, Department=Accounting, Location=Chicago, and Category=Accounting Software)


            I doesn't seem wise to have more specific categories. (Accounting Software, Accounting Software-Error, Accounting Software-Update, etc..) but perhaps that would accomplish the same result?

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              Cris Coffey

              Generally the change policy is automatically kicked off when something requiring a change approval is requested by the user. A purchase, a software patch, a change to network permissions, etc. Then those specific Categories have change policies linked to them.


              In your case, if you want to kick it off manually, you could add one more level below the items you already have and call it something like “Item Name”-Change, that you select to kick off a change request related to that item.