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    TrueSight REST-API Client V2.2.00 available ...

    Timo Schmidt
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      (T)rueSight (R)est (API) (C)lient V2.1.00



      TRAPIC is the first easy to use command line Rest-API client for BMC TrueSight Operations Manager. The tool provides a lot of different
      functions and connects to the Rest-API of the TrueSight Presentation Server to gather and display the required data.

      OS Plattform: Windows (32 & 64 Bit)
      TrueSight Versions tested: 10.x, 11.x

      Version 2.2.00 has
      … new function getapplicationlist to list applications and status
      … new sub component status for getcomponentstatus
      … new trdevicecompare (BETA) to compare attributes between devices
      … a new encryption algorithm for storing credentials to support special characters
      … a lot of bugfixes and streamlined function output
      … a full license to explore all function expiring 01.01.2019



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