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    FootPrints Advanced Starter Template (FAST)

    Nicolas Roome
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      Hi all, we have a new intro video for the FootPrints Advanced Starter Template (FAST).


      FAST is pre-configured and fully usable out of the box for all the major processes, effectively cutting back weeks or months of design, configuration, and testing time. All designs are ITIL-based where applicable.


      The following functionality is pre-built and does not lock you into any configuration, meaning it can be changed and expanded as desired:


      - Incident Management

      - Problem Management (including automated Known Error Database)

      - Service Request Management

      - Task Management

      - Customer surveys (including on-demand surveys)

      - Change Management (including automated Change Calendar)

      - Release Management

      - Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

      - Knowledge Management

      - Purchase Management (including integration to the CMDB)

      - Preventive Maintenance

      - Service Level Management (for Incident and Service Request)

      - Service Catalog

      - Customer Self Service

      - FootPrints Session tracking

      - Hourly FootPrints License Usage tracking

      - Record Purging

      - BMC Client Management integration-ready

      - All saved searches, consoles, portals, roles, system roles, visual attributes, email templates, import packages (with samples), etc

      - In addition, Process Guides, Customer User Guide, and other out-of-tool supporting documentation is included!



      Anyone interested can check out FootPrints Advanced Starter Template | RJR Innovations or email sales@rjrinnovations.com