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    Business Manager Console, missing functionality in Smart IT/DWP ?!

    Samo Puharic
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      Hi guys!


      I do not know how with you. But this functionality was often requested by our customers (almost always :-)


      For example - some bussines user (power user in Remedy) asks -"Want to see all service request for my Company", or some team leader - "Want to see all request requested by my department".


      In old Remedy interface there is Business Manager Console for such requirements or some customization work on SRM Console.

      No application permission needed to access Business Manager Console.


      But such feature could not be done through Smart IT ot Digital Workplace without serious side effects.


      To access Smart It interface customer have to have at least 5 user permissions and for sure activation of application licenses (because of Incident Viewer/Submitter permission do not work with Smart IT -> Incident User is min). Customer has access to fulfillment tickets what we do not want (could see internal workinfos). Customer (in version 18.08) can see only service request submitted by him, not for the whole company. Etc...


      In DWP - there is no console. User view is facebook like. Not so ease to follow. And what is the most important could see only requests submitted by him, not for the whole company.


      Very, very poor acces to Remedy for bussines oriented users. Users which infulence is maybe the most important -> to buy or not to buy Remedy, to switch or not to switch to new Remedy interface (Smart IT/DWP).


      We feel as we have tied hands...


      Any mentions here. How did you make done this staff or you just give up...


      Stefan Hall,


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