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    Run process in filter doesn´t work.

    Torsten Schrödter



      I´m trying to run a jar-file with a "run process"-action in a filter. Therefore I have written a small batch-file with the following content:


      start javaw -jar "E:\Programme\BMC Software\ARSystem\dist\Test.jar"


      This is called in the "run process"-action with the following command:


      "cmd.exe /c E:\Programme\BMC Software\ARSystem\dist\jira.bat"


      If I run the batch-file manually, it works fine. But when I trigger the filter, it doesn´t work.

      I have tested the following things and they were not the problem:

      • The filter is triggered.
      • The command executes the batch-file.


      Can anyone help me with this issue?


      Best regards!

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