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    Unable to select multiple events when using Firefox or Chrome

    Alvaro Paronuzzi
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      Hello everyone,


      in the past few months I started seeing the following problem on the TSIM console when using supported browsers like Firefox and Chrome: sometimes it is impossible to select multiple events (usually done using the Shift button or the Ctrl button).

      The problem seems to be quite intermittent but I see it everyday multiple times.

      I already investigated this issue with the help of the BMC Customer Support but it resulted to be an unexpected behavior caused by the recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Flash Player, Java and maybe something else...so nothing that can be addressed by BMC.


      Is anyone else seeing this issue? I already seen this happening in more than one environment and using different machines (notebook, pc, ...) with different versions of the mentioned browsers.


      In the BMC product documentation TSIM is declared "compatible" with the latest versions of these browsers, so I expect these major compatibility problems to be resoved somehow.


      Products surely affected:

      TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.7

      BPPM 9.0


      TSIM server OS: Windows Server 2012

      Local machine OS: Windows 10

      Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome


      Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


      Kind Regards,

      Alvaro Paronuzzi

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          Betty Neumann

          Hi Alvaro,


          I reviewed the support ticket and do see that they team determined this is either a browser issue or an environment issue.

          We have reviewed logs. We couldn’t find any exceptions in logs that can be associated with a product issue. The problem did not appear to be happening with other browsers, which still indicates it is not an application issue.


          The Support team attempted to reproduce the issue and was not able to do so. Do you still see this behavior? If so, is it specific to one browser? Firefox, Chrome, etc.. if so, which one and is it with TrueSight 10.7? Can you consistently reproduce the issue? If so, maybe you can work with the browser support for the browser to see what might cause such behavior?


          I also did a search to see if anyone else had reported this behavior, but at present there were no other similar cases to reference. Please do let us know if this continues to be an issue.