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    Help with creating a graph in reports

    Zachary Blankenship
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      I am running into an issue with making graphs in reports, When creating the reports I end up with reports that don't show data, but what appears to be random data. For example I am trying to create a graph that shows number of tickets closed by technician in the last week. In the design wizard all I am able to generate is a pie graph with a random assortment of values and the key is just numbers counting. When I actually run the report it breaks the report and the graph isn't visible. I reached out to support multiple time and have not gotten any support other than a link to the documentation KnowledgeArticle - BMC. That has not been helpful for me except to create the graph in that report which isn't one I am interested in. That last I heard from support was that if I needed any more support I would have to contact a consulting service. Any help is appreciated.



      I am currently running Track-It

      Cris Coffey