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    Atrium Core process normalization, reconciliation and federation

    J. Jesus Baena

      Good day community



      I have a query to resolve some events that I have in the CDMB, but before I mention my infrastructure is in Windows 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014 and BMC Remedy ITSM 9.1.03


      The events are:

      1. Once I receive the ADDM unformation and make a promotion, the legend of "Promote Sandbox changes in progress" is left for days when reviewing the task manager I do not see that the standardization job exists, however in the ATrium Core the task continues to be executed.
      2. Another is when the reconciliation and federation is sent, in the corresponding console I see the tasks in execution, after several days I notice that the works are no longer running without embago in the console still continuous I saw the task in process.
      3. The logs have already been reviewed and there is no reason to generate this issue.


      Some of you has happened to them and I will thank them if they share me as they have solved it.


      Best regards