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    Customized pattern for CMDB sync

    Suraj Nair
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      We are having ADDM at 11.3 version.We perform ADDM to CMDB sync every week, so now whatever data that ADDM has ,it  sends to CMDB through sync process according to pattern which is Standard one.Now we want the processor data(i.e RAM,cores,serial number etc) to be push into other fields of CMDB.


      --What are measure should be taken?

      --What is the architecture of ADDM Database,how do we get know?

      --How we should map the ADDM fields to CMDB fields?



      Thank you

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          Andrew Waters

          You need to write custom syncmappings (docs). There are some template examples (in addition to the standard ones) (docs, those with cmdb in their name).


          You can see the main structure of data by looking at the taxonomy (docs). Note that this does not include everything. For example patterns write additional attributes which are not included.


          As to where to write it in the CMDB that will depend upon if there is an appropriate attribute for storing the value. If not you will need to extend the CDM to include additional information.

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