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    Capturing IP address and Hostname

    Anjay R

      Hi all,


      We are trying to capture Ip address and hostname of the client PC, Provided below are the scripts and work flows that we are trying.


      For some reason the script does not work in AR System version 9.1.06 or higher but it works in 9.1.04.


      Kindly please advice.


      Jsp code thats kept in shared folder:


      function env_ip_var()


      var return_value = "<%=request.getRemoteAddr()%>";

      return (return_value)


      function env_hostname()


      var return_value = "<%=request.getRemoteHost()%>";

      return (return_value)



      Below is the line embedded within the page header.


      <SCRIPT src="/arsys/shared/get_client_info.jsp" language="JavaScript"></SCRIPT>




      For the set fields operation, below is the content of the active link's RUN PROCESS.






      Error message:




      Anjay R.