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        Paula Morrell

        That's what I did as well. Now I am trying to get it to not print the Note Type of System Note because the techs don't need to know that info. But when I set that as a filter, I get 5000+ pages of the same note over and over.



        • 16. Re: Custom Report - Printing Multiple Ticket Notes
          Paula Morrell

          Hi Cris,


          That site helps some but there are things it talks about that are not options on this version, like doing a SQL query, which would probably fix my difficulty with not wanting to print the System Note type. Honestly, until I can get this report working, we can't switch over to the 20.18 version.





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            Cris Coffey

            When I select the Ticket.TicketNotes datasource for the sub report, then I get just the correct notes for the Ticket. Adding a filter here does not work but I also realized if you filter out System Notes, you miss important details like when the ticket is reassigned or the date it was Open/Closed. We are still looking into this because it appears to be some kind of limitation at this point.

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              Paula Morrell

              Hi Cris,


              Good to know it wasn't just me not being able to figure out the filtering. I hope that is resolved soon so we can start using the new system.


              And for what my techs need, none of those system notes matter. They just need notes either from when the ticket was created or that were made after that with additional information on what has been or needs to be done. It makes it easier for them when they are out in the field working on things and cannot get logged into Track-It to get that info.




              • 19. Re: Custom Report - Printing Multiple Ticket Notes
                Russ Jones

                Paula, I was able to accomplish this by creating Activity Codes for the technician to select in order to 'categorize' the notes.  I used 2 character prefixes such as CC for Change Management, IS for InfoSec etc..


                Then I created subreports, one for each note category and called those subreports from the master report.  Each subreport has its own filter to pull only the the matching information during the call to that subreport, while the filtering for the parent report remains pretty basic.


                There is, naturally some head scratching in building this out, and some discipline on the part of the Techs to categorize properly.

                Essentially it works as follows:

                - Tech creates notes and under specific Activity Code(s)

                - Person running the report enters the Ticket ID to report on

                - Report passes a parameter containing the Ticket ID to a parameter in the subreport


                Unfortunately, I am still on 2018.2 version where that report resides so I cannot export it.  Hope this helps a bit.


                All of the highlighted areas are notes.




                InfoSec Capture.jpg

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