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    Query on restarting the services in the newer version 11.3 of BMC Discovery (CentOS7)

    Yogeesh Kompa
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      Dear All,


      I have a query on restarting procedure of different ADDM services in its latest version 11.3 with CentOS 7.


      I understood we have the tw_service_control utility to interact with tideway services now. For others like (cluster, omniNames etc), need to use systemctl. The appliance service still exists, but is only used by the system at boot.


      Now my question,

      Is the stopping and starting order of these services still remains the same in the newer version or not?


      Earlier, order was

      sudo /sbin/service tideway stop  

      sudo /sbin/service cluster stop  

      sudo /sbin/service omniNames stop  

      sudo /sbin/service appliance stop

      and start them in reverse order.


      Will the order would be as below for newer version?

      tw_service_control --stop (to stop all tideway services)

      sudo systemctl stop cluster

      sudo systemctl stop omniNames

      sudo systemctl stop appliance (Will this be required? Is this the correct command? Not sure. )

      and start them in reverse order.


      Need the clarification on these.


      Thanks in advance,