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    What Are Your Mainframe Modernization Priorities?

    Stefanie Scott
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      In the just released 2018 BMC Mainframe Survey, respondents agree application availability  and modernization are top priorities for their organizations in the coming year. Many are integrating their mainframe with new techniques and  technologies to rapidly adapt to a changing digital environment.

      82% use Java in their  mainframe environment

      65% report using Agile/DevOps practices overall and 48% are using Agile/DevOps practices in their mainframe environment

      33% use pervasive encryption in their mainframe environment


      How does this line up with your top mainframe modernization priorities?  We'd love to hear from you.



      See this data and more in the 2018 BMC Mainframe Survey by clicking here:  Survey results: 2018 BMC Mainframe Survey - BMC Software