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    Permit User to Edit Work Info Attachment

    Timothy Mobley
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      Is it possible to give read/write access to the attachments in 'Add Work Info' found on the 'Work Info' tab of the People form? For instance, if each of admin wanted to keep their job description and core competencies as an attachment in their profile, how would I give easy access to edit that document? Ideally this would be as simple as possible (i.e., not requiring navigation through Applications > Administration Console > Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Foundation > People > People > find their profile and navigate to the Work Order tab. ....that's fine for me, but I want to give other admins quick, one-click access to that document. Any ideas?

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          Hi Timothy,


          Everybody has access of People form by default so that he can view record inside this form. If you wish give them a quick way to open this form then you can define the entry point for this form in the application list so that users can found this form easily in their application list panel. And wrote an AL to perform a search like it does when a user click on the "My application preference" link on incident management console.


          2nd Option is to provide a hyperlink to the users which will direct the user over this form. provide the inbuilt qualification user=currentuser

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            Igor Smrdelj



            Basically, quick link to people form (for current user) is already present  - My profile  option/function  in Incident, Change, Asset consoles...



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