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    Regarding to communicate to BAO components using SSLv3/TLS1.x from browser

    Mina Horiuchi
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      Hi There,


      Regarding BAO7.8.02.

      I was trying to disable to communicate with BAO components (CDP,REPO,ASSO) using SSLv3 from browser. ( It means only able to communicate by TSL1.x.)


      But I noticed that the default-setting have already disabled communicating with CDP(38080) and Repo(28080) using SSLv3.

      However, i was able to communicate with ASSO(8443) using SSLv3.


      Due to above result, i understand BAO 7.8.02 default setting is

      Disabled  SSLv3 to CDP and REPO.

      Enabled SSLv3 to ASSO.


      Does anyone knows if it is correct?... or knows the documentation ..? I have read a bmc documentation but could not find this information.


      Kind Regards,