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    2018 Migration is a nightmare.

    Derek Greczyn

      We have been running the migration tool several nights per week for the past 6 weeks and still are receiving errors about attachments, similar to the following:


      "2018/10/04 22:48:24 - Add FILEBLOB.0 - Wrapped java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Program Files (x86)\Numara Software\Numara Track-It!\Track-It! Services\FileStorageData\Repositories\IncidentRepository\36027\Cheryl_resume_9461.zip (The system cannot find the file specified) (script#11)"


      We understand the cause and fix for one of these errors - the file specified does not exist in the file system, but the Work Order shows it as an attachment. So if you remove the attachment from the WO and save it, it will resolve the error. However, we have 60,000+ work orders that need to be migrated, and are only halfway through the attachments migration. Each time we migrate, the service desk needs 3+ hours of downtime, because the migration tool is not resilient enough to handle these errors and continue, or at least pause to allow remediation and retry.


      We have had a support case open for weeks, and are simply being told that this is the way the product is designed, and that our best option is to maintain two servers, one running 2018 and one running 11.4 while we continue to manually migrate attachments.


      Is anyone else having this problem and can propose a better resolution? Very disappointed with how this has been handled, quite honestly.

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          Cris Coffey

          Hello Derek, there must have been some miscommunication here somewhere as I checked into this and engineering and support resources are working on trying to find a better solution. The solution recommended was to keep you moving forward based on the information at hand but we are hoping to find a better solution if we can. We are not aware of any other customers who have had this issue so it is a new problem and the team is on it.